Master - (1): an artist, performer, or player of consummate skill. 

Consummate - (1): extremely skilled and accomplished.


The Paul Green Rock Academy (PGRA) strives to create a culture of excellence. Our curriculum is based on the time-tested teaching method of performance-based music education developed and taught by Paul Green. Paul Green founded School of Rock in 1998 in Philadelphia and grew the program to 57 locations before departing in 2010. His favorite part of School of Rock was the All-Star program, designed for a small group of the best and most dedicated students. The All-Stars would tour, play awesome venues and festivals, and play with amazing guest stars.

PGRA’s Master Program, Paul’s DREAM SCHOOL, is based upon his original All-Star program. The Master Program is designed to enrich the musicianship and life skills of the best, brightest, and hardest working young musicians. This is accomplished by having the students perform professional quality shows, touring, and playing with amazing guests stars.

“Students must have a reasonable level of ability on their instruments and a high level of ambition to be considered for the Master Program. Where you are now as a musician is less important to us than where you want to get and how hard you are willing to work to get there.”

- PG


The Master Program

is open to young, dedicated musicians with intermediate to advanced level skills ages 10-18 who play any of the traditional rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keys, vocals) jazz, orchestra, or band instruments. Participation is limited to 25 students at each of our locations and is by audition only.


COMING SOON! The junior program is open to intermediate level music students ages 8-15 who play traditional rock, jazz, orchestra, or band instruments. Participation is limited to 20 students at each location by audition only. The goal of the junior program is for the students to graduate to the Master Program as quickly as possible.


COMING SOON! The adult program is an 8-week workshop for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level adult musicians who want to work hard to improve their musical abilities, have a great time, and put on an amazing show. Each session will be limited to 15 students.