The Paul Green Rock Academy

The new Master Program from School of Rock founder Paul Green

A serious music program for serious young musicians age 10-18





The first Saturday of every month from 12-2pm, beginning October 6th! Special guest stars every month....first up, joining the kids in October: SCHOOLY D!
A monthly celebration of the music of my/our youth played by fine young musicians to further the cause of preserving these amazing songs and transmitting their importance to our children. These shows, co produced with vive1977, are for Gen Xers (and their kids) to come and eat some brunch and sing along and dance around. We can't recreate the sprit and times from which this music emerged (I caught the tail end and it was GREAT), but we can certainly remember, enjoy, and transmit these songs to our children. A wide range of punk and punk adjacent songs will be played and we will have a guest star at each and every show. Rated PG-13 for (a little) profanity...

The Paul Green Rock Academy is now open in Southwestern Connecticut. We are looking for the best and most ambitious young musicians to fill up our first team. For more info or to set up an audition please contact